Fast Meal Ideas

Whole Foods Hot/Cold Food Bar

Fast Meal Ideas

Too many times throughout my career I’ve heard about the necessity for fast foods or unhealthy food consumption because of lack of time.

But really, I think it comes down to two things:

  1. Lack of education and simply knowing that healthy food is just as easy
  2. The willingness to choose healthier options

So, today I want to share with you a few of my favorite breakfast, lunch, and dinner ideas that are literally JUST as fast as hitting a drive through or grabbing unhealthy options.


  • Organic meal replacement shake with water or organic milk of your choice (doesn’t get easier than that!)
  • Pre-Made hard boiled eggs and an avocado with real sea salt


  • Reheated leftovers from last night’s dinner ( I do this every day over a fresh salad)
  • Pre-fixed salad kit from the grocery store (just throw some pre-boiled eggs or pre-grilled protein on top)


  • Grab from a hot bar – there are so many great, healthy options! (like at Whole Foods – this is probably faster than the drive thru line!)
  • Get a rotisserie chicken and roast some veggies in the oven for 15 minutes with coconut oil and sea salt.

Get rid of calorie-laden beverages, and you’re good to go!

I hope you see how easy this can be! I am all about health with ease.

Let me know which you’re going to try!

P.S. If you need more support around your nutrition reach out now! I have a 1 month nutrition plan to help heal your gut if you have any digestive issues and to learn to eat right for your metabolic type. 

Click here to sign up for the Nutrition Program.

Wishing you well,
Coach Erinne Guthrie

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Erinne Guthrie is a USA Triathlon Level II Certified Coach since 1999 and Chief Motivating Officer at Full Circle Coaching, LLC since 2010. She has been training, racing and coaching triathletes since 1997.  She is also a CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level 3, USMS Master’s Swim Coach, Motivational Speaker, Metabolic Efficiency Specialist, Mom and much much more.


  • Mary Liz Olazabal Posted June 6, 2019 10:23 am

    Have you ever tried canned wild salmon, some pumpkin seeds and a homemade Dijon vinaigrette over a bag of mixed greens? That’s a staple for me and really easy. I make the vinaigrette at the beginning of the week to last me the week. It’s the snacking that kills me and my sweet tooth. Love all your tips, Erinne, but would love to know how to up the nutrition without gaining weight. Maybe no begin to eat like an Ironman despite simply being a sprinter!?

    • fullcircle Posted June 6, 2019 2:07 pm

      Yes wild caught fish or shrimp is great, but please be aware of the aluminum can and the liners inside the can. I try to avoid if possible and use pouches. Snacking can be helped by eating more nutrient dense foods that fill you up and satiate you. Many times you think you are hungry but you are thirsty, Be sure you are drinking 1/2 your body weight in ounces of fresh spring water daily, and include a pinch of real sea salt to help with absorption and electrolytes. Healthy snacks are the key if you are going to snack. Always include some fat and protein in a snack instead of carbohydrates alone because you will want more carbs. Avocado with sea salt and hemp hearts, organic apple with raw almonds or almond butter, and hard boiled eggs are all great snacks as well. I have a month long nutrition program if you are interested. LMK

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