Rockstar Triathlete Beda Molina

Rockstar Triathlete Beda Molina

Coach’s Notes:  
You did it again, Beda, way to go! You are the silent, stealth trainer. 

I hardly got to train with Beda this year, but every day I checked her training peaks IT was GREEN and it is done!
I love your steady dedication to the sport and your never-ending smile! 
You are unstoppable, despite some big setbacks from a broken foot and some emotional rollercoasters just before the race.
You showed that on race day in an Ironman®, you just keep moving forward, positive thoughts and get the job done.  Thank you so much for being such an amazing support to the tribe. Can’t wait for what’s next, after an EPIC 2021!

Age: 55 years old 

Profession: Business owner

Why you chose FCC to help you on your triathlon/health and wellness journey?
I like to have a well structured training plan so I can reach my racing goals and FCC provides me with that. Besides there’s a fun, fully supportive group of athletes. We are family.

What is your “A” race for this season?
I had two “A” races this season. IM Augusta 70.3, and IM Florida.

Please share your BIG goals. Tell me about your successes so far:
My big goals are to lower my race times particularly the running portion, since I had been dealing with a foot fracture and hip flexor’s injury, which seriously threatened my running.

What were some of your biggest improvements in performance for the each of the following? Swim, Bike, Run, Nutrition/Health: Please include any Personal Records and Goals achieved:

I have been racing triathlon for 8 years, completed several full Ironman and 70.3 races. I made podium including 1st place, on different Olympic, International and Sprint races, also several half marathons, 10K and 5K races.

Swim: I have been working hard on my swim, and will continue to. My biggest improvement is being able to finish the swim  feeling strong and energetic. Bike: I have been able to maintain a strong pace and still save  my legs for the run, something I didn’t do in the past, when I used to go too fast on the bike. Run: Improve my pose and style and have learned to keep my heart rate low while going at a hard pace. Running is what I have improved the most this year. Nutrition: I have improved my nutrition at home with great results. Full of energy and good health.

Personal records and goals this season; At the IM Augusta race, I was able to place top 10 (7th), with a sub 6 hour finish (5:55). At the IM Florida, I placed 14th, thanks to a strong run after a terrible swim. I was able to focus and push on my run and ended up doing my best time in a full distance triathlon run.

Name 2 or 3 things that have made the biggest difference in your journey:
1. Courage
2. Discipline
3. Good coaching

What excites you the most about being involved in triathlon?
The people, the energy the friendly environment in the sport where you find all kinds of people getting along in a healthy competition.

What would you say to another person who was on the fence about joining our training program?
This program works for everyone, from beginners to advanced. You will be provided with great guidance in different aspects of the sport. The group is excellent and fun. Go for it!!!

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Erinne Guthrie is a USA Triathlon Level II Certified Coach since 1999 and Chief Motivating Officer at Full Circle Coaching, LLC since 2010. Creator of Triathlon Transformation. She has been training, racing and coaching triathletes since 1997.  She is also a CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level 3, USMS Master’s Swim Coach, Motivational Speaker, Metabolic Efficiency Specialist, Mom, Mermaid and much much more.



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