Tips for Losing Weight While Eating Out

Tips for Losing Weight While Eating Out

So many people think that starting or “being good” on a weight loss journey involves giving up dining out.

And that is simply NOT true!

Sure, you can control what’s in your food way more at home, but it doesn’t mean that going out – even a few times a week – is off the table.

Here are 10 principles that you can easily follow that will continue to support your health and fitness goals:

  1. Decide before you go – looking at the menu ahead of time and making a healthy choice can be a game changer. That way, you don’t even have to open the menu and face temptation.
  2. Whatever protein you order, make sure it’s grilled, baked, or broiled.
  3. If you’re having an appetizer, choose a salad with olive oil based dressing.
  4. Order all sauces and dressings on the side.
  5. Indulge in one thing only – either a glass of wine or a few bites of a dessert or bread.
  6. Ask for vegetables to come steamed or roasted.
  7. Drink a good amount of water before arriving to the restaurant and when you sit down to curb hunger.
  8. Ask for the “extras” like bread, chips, etc. not be brought to the table.
  9. Don’t feel guilty asking for substitutions.
  10. Don’t feel pressure to eat all of your food – it’s o.k. to have leftovers!

I love going out to eat as much as the next person, so I hope that these guidelines help you enjoy that part of life while still staying on track with your health and fitness!

And as always, if you know you need more support, guidance, and accountability, I got you. Hit reply, and let me know. I’ll be in touch with ya ASAP!


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Erinne Guthrie is a USA Triathlon Level II Certified Coach since 1999 and Chief Motivating Officer at Full Circle Coaching, LLC since 2010. She has been training, racing and coaching triathletes since 1997.  She is also a CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level 3, USMS Master’s Swim Coach, Motivational Speaker, Metabolic Efficiency Specialist, Mom and much much more.


  • Jesse Jimenez Posted July 23, 2020 8:42 am

    great blog again. Eating out is fun and can be part of healthy lifestyle. A little common sense, balance and moderation.

    • Erinne Guthrie Posted July 23, 2020 3:50 pm

      yes its good to treat yourself but make good choices!

  • Urs Brunner Posted July 23, 2020 10:38 am

    A thing that my wife and I often do is to split everything. Portions are generally too big for one person so we share a starter, an entree and an occasional desert.

    • Erinne Guthrie Posted July 23, 2020 3:48 pm

      thats a great idea!
      thanks for sharing 😉

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