Rockstar Triathlete; Rafael Rodriguez Hoffman –

Rockstar Triathlete;
Rafael Rodriguez Hoffman

“I can say that it was one of the most important decisions I made in my whole life.”

Coach’s Notes: Rafael, your enthusiasm at every single training session is what has gotten you so far in your first year in the sport. Coming to sessions with open ears and eyes to learn what it takes to get better stronger faster. This is just the beginning of your triathlon journey and I’m so excited and honored your chose Full Circle as your guide! You are truly a rockstar triathlete!

Age: 48

Profession: I work as a Parts Manager @ TUUCI

Why you chose FCC to help you on your triathlon/health and wellness journey?
3 – 4 years ago I started running per doctor’s orders.  Even if I’ve never been an overweight person I’ve always suffered for high cholesterol and running was a good option to maintain it as low as possible without the need for any medication.  That’s how I started.  I didn’t look for any kind of guide or coaching, I just thought that I could wake up earlier every morning and simply go out and run, and that is what I did.  At some point some friends and family noticed I started to run and pushed me to sign up for the Miami Half Marathon.  At that point I started to look for someone to help me train.  I found a guy that sent me workouts weekly in text messages and it was fine for me.  I never thought how important it was to do these workouts with a coach running with you or at least evaluate your form, “so I just kept running” (Forest Gump – favorite movie)

What is your “A” race for this season?
I did this for 3 years in a row until early this year, I drove a good friend to a Triathlon in Key Biscayne.  I immediately fell in love with this kind of competition, totally different from a marathon.  I then started to look on how can I start training for this fascinating sport.  I started following coach Dany on Instagram and one day I decided to ask her how can I train for a triathlon and she recommended Full Circle Coaching.  The rest is history!

Since day 1, I felt great vibes from coach Erinne and I could see happiness and love for the sport all over the training sessions.

That was 5 months ago and to this day, I can say that it was one of the most important decisions I made in my whole life.  I never imagined that our bodies were capable to perform the way we do after such good training and coaching.  I never imagined that I was capable to perform the way I do at this point and there is still so much room for improvement in all aspects (body and mind); and the way Full Circle Coaching helps you train both is amazing!

Please share your BIG goals:
This season I will end up doing a Sprint Triathlon in Key West (my second tri).  For next year, I want to try longer distance races (Olympic and maybe a Half IronMan)

I really wish to continue improving my performance in all aspects, get faster, stronger physically and mentally and believe in myself.

Tell me about your successes so far:
I can say that my biggest improvement so far has been the swim, sometimes I don’t even believe how fast and well I’m doing in so short a period of time.  I have a new love: SWIM!

Name 2 or 3 things that have made the biggest difference in your journey:
The thing that has made the biggest difference in my journey is the way I feel.  I don’t think there are any words to describe how good I feel after each training session.

What would you say to another person who was on the fence about joining our training program?
I will definitely recommend Full Circle Coaching as a great coaching group for every level, they don’t care if you are a beginner or an Ironman, they will always treat you like a champ!!

P.S. This could be you!  If you are interested in learning more about Full Circle Coaching, call us at 786-586-6057 today or click this link to schedule a complimentary triathlon strategy call:

Erinne Guthrie is a USA Triathlon Level II Certified Coach since 1999 and Chief Motivating Officer at Full Circle Coaching, LLC since 2010. She has been training, racing and coaching triathletes since 1997.  She is also a CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level 3, USMS Master’s Swim Coach, Motivational Speaker, Mom and much much more.

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