Do you ZWIFT? It’s O.K. Either Way

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Do you ZWIFT? It’s O.K. Either Way

I want to explain a little further that “Zwift” is a fun tool, in the tool box that we can use if you want to.

This is by no means is mandatory for your success and there must be something said for learning the basics.

You are not ready for Zwift if you:

♦ Do not understand your Garmin, how it works and how to sync your workouts to Training Peaks

♦ Do not hit lap correctly for intervals

♦ Are not following the progressive periodized training workouts in your training peaks calendar currently.

There has to be something said about mastering the basics before adding this new fun feature, which I think can be fun, but please do NOT feel pressure to do this if it seems too over whelming and you have not mastered the basics.  Zwift will not make you a better athlete without the basics first!

Please contact me if you have Zwift and want to be included on a future group ride.  You may ask Jessica or myself on the what’s app if you have any further questions and thanks again to Jessica W. for putting this together!!!

Here’s the link to the recorded presentation:

There is lot’s of great information and I am just learning as well.
Please share with the group your experience with Zwift to help us all learn more!

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