bookHow do we stay on course with training, family and work when so much of life gets in the way. If you really want to make triathlon training a part of your daily routine I have found an awesome resource from the book, The Miracle Morning” by Hal Elrod. It was a total game changer for me especially when I started getting busier and busier with my daughter, work and a few health setbacks. It’s an incredibly easy read and I listened to it in the car in a week on  I immediately started implementing the 6 Life S.A.V.E.R.S. Hal describes in the book. I have never accomplished so much in such a short time. Below is a recap of the book, but reading it will clarify a lot of details.  Hal also has a ton of resources on his website for free that you can download.

#1 Silence – Practice Silence Daily. The benefits of meditation are undeniable and scientifically proven. It really is simple and the benefits are tremendous. Improve concentration, immune function, reduce and manage stress. In as little as 2 min/ day but ideally 10-20 minutes you can have all of these benefits. I wake up and include it every morning and it completely sets up my day in the best way. Some Apps to try are Address Stress; Deepak Chopra 21 day meditation (Perfect Health is a favorite); Insight Timer, are just a few.  The Release Technique by Brendon Burchard is a very simple way to start. I also incorporate my breathing exercises while meditating, so I am actually improving lung capacity and CO2 tolerance at the same time. Try Box Breathing – inhale for 4-6 seconds, hold your breath 4-6 seconds, exhale 4-6 seconds and hold your breath out 4-6 seconds- keep repeating for as long as you have time.

#2 Affirmations – Say them OUT LOUD! When you say affirmations out loud you are literally reprogramming your brain’s subconscious or operating system. Use them for every area of your life. And say them every morning out load after your Silence.

Use this template: I am committed to (insert behavior or activity) so that I can (goal you wish to achieve) by (deadline you wish to achieve by). So, for example- I am committed to running 4 days/week, every week by the 30th of November using a speed work training program so that I can run a 23 minute 5k by August 1st, 2017. Or, I am committed to doing 5 minutes of yoga and box breathing every morning for 5 minutes by the end of the week. You get the idea. I include an affirmation for every aspect of my life: Spiritual, Relationships, Family, Business, Fitness, etc.

#3 Visualization – See your end result exactly how you want it to be. Tap into emotions, smells, physical feelings and visual displays of your exact outcome- this works for everything, not just sports! Make a vision board.

#4 Exercise – I would bet almost everyone reading this already exercises and knows the benefits. Something to consider is if you have a balance between working out and working in. Or applying an intention and or purpose for every training session. I find the more intentional I am in my training and recovery the better my results.

#5 Read – There are definitely times when I find it harder to read since I became a mom and entrepreneur, but with this becomes SO much easier. Every car drive I am listening to a book. I also listen to podcasts and videos as well. All count towards reading and learning and bettering yourself. If you commit to 5 pages every day, that adds up to 1,825 pages or over 9 books a year!

#6 Scribing or Journaling but the S is better on the end of the acronym SAVERS. It’s great to just record your thoughts every day. Some days I write longer than others. I can self -reflect and get thoughts out of my head. I usually write down all the things I am grateful for everyday. Even the struggles because this can allow you to accept things as they are and move through them. “I am so thankful and grateful for my foot injury because it has allowed me to slow down and appreciate when I am pain free, what could have caused the injury and how to get better”

Get the book today and start your transformation. It is absolutely amazing how well this works and you won’t be disappointed. Try the 30 day challenge at

Wishing You Well,

Coach Erinne

Remember to reply and comment below and share with anyone you think would like to read. Also feel free to email me at to ask me to write about anything triathlon or health and wellness related.

Thanks for reading!

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