It’s all about the socks

Socks or no socks???
I don’t recommend wearing socks for short course racing or training (sprints and Olympic distance triathlons) because it slows you down.

Not wearing socks can  save you tons of time in your transitions.  Putting dry socks on wet feet while balancing on one leg is no easy task, especially when your heart rate is at 160 or higher. So, why not learn to race with no socks. It’s simple really!

Powder and JellyMy trick to not wearing socks is using baby powder and some kind of non- petroleum type lubricant.

Put your run shoes on and walk/run for just five minutes.

Notice areas on your feet where you feel any chaffing or rubbing around your heel or anywhere on your foot.  That is the place you want to take your foot out of your shoe and add a little dollop of lubricant.  Then continue running for just five more minutes, then put socks on if you are running longer.

Watch How to Video Here

Next time you go running do the same as above but run for 10 minutes. Continue adding five minutes duration onto each run with no socks.  The baby powder helps absorb moisture in your shoe from the swim and or sweat. Using a squirt of baby powder in each shoe with a little lube on all the rubbing points will help you stay blister free and allow for a super quick transition. Of course make sure you are using Riplaces to make your transition even faster. Riplaces are elastic, no tie laces that allow you to slip your running shoe on like a slipper, no tying needed. Use fullcircle to receive a 10% discount on a great pair of laces.

Happy Transitioning!

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Wishing you Well,
Coach Erinne


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