Top 3 Tried and True Pre-Race Breakfasts

Many triathletes are confused about what to eat for breakfast when they start to move away from the traditional sugar laden, carb heavy breakfasts like oatmeal and boxed cereals (dead food!)

The following 3, are tried and true breakfasts that deliver nutrients as well as perfect proportions of fats, proteins and carbohydrates. My goal with offering these suggestions is to encourage eating real food before a race or hard training session so that you can get quality nutrition into your body before having to resort to sports nutrition for simple ease of use during a race. There are however lots of great options on the market now to keep it real even during a race. Look for those tips in an upcoming post. Also, for your convenience I’ve added links for purchasing information for the products I recommend. Just hover over the items in bold and click.

Chia Seed Pudding – Super quick and easy. You can make it the night before and keep it covered in the fridge.
2-3 tablespoons of organic chia seeds
½-1 cup of Real Coconut Milk,
1 -2 tablespoons of Paleo Valley Bone Broth Protein
Add a handful of organic almonds or walnuts, organic berries, organic banana- raw honey or maple syrup to taste. A pinch of real salt to include some minerals and electrolytes and you are good to go for a delicious nutritious snack or breakfast

2-3  organic eggs cooked in coconut oil any way you like
½ –
1 whole sweet potato with real grass fed butter or coconut oil.
I usually bake the potato the night before, have half for dinner and the other half with breakfast warmed up in the pan I cooked the eggs in. 

Naturally smoked wild caught salmon with avocado and chia seeds (wrapped in a nori roll)with a squeeze of lemon – This is definitely my favorite pre-race meal. I actually learned about the salmon from an ultra -runner who ate it before every long run event. Salmon is easy to digest and has tons of great protein and omega 3 fatty acids. Paired with ½ avocado and sprinkled with hemp hearts and real sea salt and a squeeze of lemon or lime- It is the perfect pre-race/ training meal or snack.

I know many of you would never even think of any of these items as breakfast food because we are so conditioned to our typical American breakfast of cereal or Eggo waffles that has negative nutrients and are actually harmful to your health.

But I can tell you from personal experience, eating low sugar/ low processed food with higher nutrient value just makes you feel and perform better.

Please test any of these out before you actually use them before a race.

Never try anything new on race day, especially nutrition!

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