Meet Elyse Sitomer, Full Circle Coaching Rockstar Triathlete
Age: 47

Profession: Director of Coaching

Why you chose FCC to help you on your triathlon/health and wellness journey? This is my fourth season working with Erinne. Each year I’ve been able to improve my fitness and strength which translates into being prepared and faster finish race times. In 2013, I took an hour off my IM® and knew I could do it again working with Erinne.

What is your “A” race for this season? It was IM® Maryland

Please share your BIG goals: I was working on taking an hour off my last Ironman® and I would have if the swim wasn’t cancelled.  I was the most prepared for this race than any other race I have ever trained for.  It was hard work but I stayed within the power, paces and heart rate I trained for.  This was my 5th Ironman® and the one that I felt the most ready for.  The race wasn’t a struggle because I wrote and executed my strategy to a “T!”

Tell me about your successes so far: I placed first in two Olympic races and third in another at the beginning of race season.  I improved on the bike so much, I’ve PR’d in every race where the bike is concerned. I will be ranked a silver All World Athlete for 2017.

What were some of your biggest Improvements in performance for the each of the following?
Swim: I’ve gotten stronger
Bike: I’ve taken 15 minutes off my half Ironman bike time
Run: I’ve shaved 4 minutes off my marathon time with horrible race conditions
Nutrition/Health: I eat a lot healthier and have much more energy.

Please include any Personal Records and Goals achieved
Name 2 or 3 things that have made the biggest difference in your journey: As a team, Erinne and I worked on building my strength and confidence.  I was the best prepared for any race this year because of the effort, the conversations and testing my efforts to see where I have improved.

What excites you the most about being involved in triathlon? I love the people, the comaraderie, the competition and the ability to improve each time.  I like the sense of accomplishment it brings me.  It challenges me in a way nothing else has ever done and I can keep improving.

What would you say to another person who was on the fence about joining our training program? Trust the process.  Erinne works with you as an individual, a human-being. She coaches to your strengths, your needs and what you what to achieve. It’s not just about the training.  It’s also about strength conditioning, nutrition, rest, and visualization. Erinne is the first coach that made me write a race plan and a post report. The plan kept me focused during the race and the post report helped with lessons learned (what worked and what didn’t work).

Coach Erinne’s Notes:
Elyse is an uber-dedicated triathlete. She is an active participant in all her coaching, never misses our coach calls and get the training done, even when she travels for work. As she states above it’s not just about the training- Its about the nutrition, recovery and strength and creating a recipe that works. We are continuously analyzing the training to see where she can improve her limiters and make them strengths. Although the race conditions at her “A” race were less than ideal, she never questioned not racing and gave it her all to follow a modified plan and finish strong.  Very proud of all your accomplishments Elyse and know your 2017 will be better than ever! You truly are a Rockstar Triathlete!


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