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Coaching Philosophy
I have been coaching triathletes and working in the fitness industry for nearly 20 years and with each athlete, I work with I learn how individual every person is.  There is no textbook method to coaching if you look at each person as an individual. They each have different strengths and different weaknesses.  What works for one may or may not work for another.  My goal when I work with an athlete is to improve their limiters and strengthen their skills to help them achieve their athletic goals.

Each athlete I work with adds to my knowledge base of coaching, a give and take relationship is naturally developed.  I work with the most basic beginner to the most advanced athletes taking them to their next level of fitness and triathlon goals.  I cover every detail that needs attention.  I require each athlete to give as much feedback as possible throughout their journey.  I have seen hundreds of athletes achieve their goals successfully and I look forward to working with you too.  I advocate a balanced approach to training that helps endurance athletes reach optimal performance through the perfect combination of training, recovery and nutrition. 

My Personal Story:

I’m a mom, I’m a coach, I’m an athlete and I’ve spent time on both sides of the race as well as, the business and academic side of the industry.  This gives me a pretty unique perspective on training and all the possibilities.

The feeling I got from swimming through the waves in the crystal clear blue ocean, riding my bike with the wind in my hair and running hard using my body to cross the finish line was so exhilarating.  I fell in love.  I was hooked.  In 1999, I started training and joining every race I could find, this led me to become one of Miami’s first USA Triathlon certified coaches. I quit my corporate fitness job to start my own triathlon coaching company determined to coach others to success.  Triathlon is more difficult than other sports; there are three disciplines to manage and I wanted to learn for myself and my athletes how to do it best.

Burn out:

Wake up at 4:30am to train clients and myself, hand off the baby to the sitter; work on the computer; take a nap if I was lucky; get the baby; take care of the family and in bed by 10:30pm. It was a lot but worth it; I was a triathlete!! (being facetious).  That’s when it all came crashing down-it happened, my body just quit.  I was all set to win my favorite race and instead of waking up to compete and win I woke up with a fever of 105 degrees and sicker than I had ever been.  I missed the race and battled sickness for the next 18 months.  I was depressed. I could not do what I loved or even have the energy to play with my daughter or live life normally.

The doctors said I had Adrenal Fatigue- a disease of over stressing the body where your adrenal glands, which release cortisol (the fight or flight hormone) are out of sync with your body’s needs and don’t produce enough cortisol in the morning, but produce too much near the end of the day. They wanted to put me on prescription drugs but I knew there had to be a better way; so I started educating myself on natural healing methods and hired a holistic lifestyle coach.  Everything I learned was simple, easy to implement and I regained the energy and vitality I had lost. It was simple and it worked!

I spent the next 6 years studying to become a CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach, Level III. These holistic guidelines are incorporated into the Full Circle Coaching method to promote performance and balance.

It is with great passion that I share my knowledge and expertise with each of my athletes.  Together we develop a balance between working in and working out, avoiding injury and burn out.

Are you ready to join Full Circle Coaching and receive the best and most complete triathlon coaching package there is? I look forward to working with you and motivating you to achieve your “TRIATH-LIFE” dreams!


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