If You Want to Change Your Actions, First Change Your Values

If You Want to Change Your Actions, First Change Your Values

Have you ever felt like a phony?

Like you weren’t “walking your talk”?

I’m talking about a time when your ACTIONS did not line up with your stated VALUES.

I’ll give you an example. Some people say reading is important to them. But they can’t tell you the last book they read. If they actually valued reading, they’d say, “I read the new Mel Robbins book last week.”

It’s not simply a matter of being inauthentic or disingenuous.

It’s called cognitive dissonance – when your actions don’t match (what you claim to be) your values.

In times of cognitive dissonance, you can try to change your actions, sure.

But if you’re finding that difficult, you should examine your values.

For example, around getting healthy by training for a triathlon, if you don’t actually value your health, then you’ll continue struggling to do the training, eat right, and develop good habits around that value.

So, start examining yourself.

  • Do you cherish health for today and for the future – or is it just something you’re “supposed” to care about?
  • Do you understand the connection between daily habits and long-term health – or is it academic at this point?
  • How do you see yourself in the future – strong and capable, or weak and helpless?
  • Whom do you admire – Successful triathletes who glow with vitality, or couch potatoes who can’t be bothered?

You need to decide what’s ACTUALLY important to you. What kind of person you truly want to be. 

When you answer those questions, the right actions follow quickly and effortlessly.

I believe in you so much that I already know the answers to these questions. I have every faith you can walk your talk – and even learn to RUN with it.

If you’re like me and you value a long-term healthy lifestyle, my 16-Week Triathlon Transformation Program is an excellent way to “walk the walk” of your values.

The Triathlon Transformation Program focuses on you as an individual; your form, technique, strength, fueling, and mindset. Through video analysis, metabolic testing, holistic lifestyle coaching, and a supportive community, you will achieve all your triathlon dreams and goals by embodying what it means to value a healthy lifestyle.

If you’re ready to start “walking your talk”, fill out my Triathlon Transformation Program Application and let’s get started!


  • Jesse Jimenez Posted August 5, 2023 12:52 pm

    Thank you for another great motivating blog! Of course no of us perfectly live out our values since no one is perfect. So long as you never quit trying you will never fail.

    • fullcircle Posted August 9, 2023 11:59 am

      I totally agree Jesse. Thanks for sharing!

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