This coming week is about getting mentally and physically prepared for race day.  Not much fitness can be gained between now and Race Day on Sunday.  I encourage all my athletes to write out a race plan.  Starting from Saturday morning before the race, to the end of the race and even post-race recovery strategies.  I ask them to include everything they plan to do to prepare for the race, what they will  eat, how much sleep and any other important details.  It is all written out in a positive light, especially the race itself.  After you have written it out you can close your eyes and visualize the race scenario exactly as you want it to go many times before the race start.  By positive I mean like this:   “I will start off to the side of the main swim pack and duck dive under the waves, repeating my mantra (reach for the buoy).  I will sight every 5 strokes to stay on course. If I get out of breath I will roll over on my back to breath for 5 breaths and roll back to swim, kick and breath.”  Avoid the negative thoughts by thinking “I won’t get a flat and I won’t walk.”  Instead say “I will run the entire portion of the run course” or “I will change my flat quickly if it happens.”  If you don’t know how to change a flat, get to the bike store this week and ask them to show you. It is very easy.  Also, check your bike tires for any gashes that could potentially lead to a flat.

Do you have any more questions?  This and so much more will be covered at my RACE TIPS CLINIC this Saturday, at 10:30am at the South Beach Triathlon Race Expo. Join us!


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