Are You Training Enough?

Are You Training Enough for the distance of your next triathlon?

Do you need more/ less training?

Here are the guidelines I use with my athletes here at Full Circle Coaching.

We have guidelines to help you progress to your desired goal race distances. It is essential to follow your training plan as it is laid out, day by day, week by week, month by month.

Our training plans are progressive, based on your individual assessments of fitness and technique in the three sports, and build in volume as your body adapts to the training load.

When you are not consistent in your training, miss workouts, and take days/ weeks/ months off, you cannot return to where you were when you left off.

You must start back at a lighter volume to avoid getting injured, which happens often if this is not taken into consideration.

In general, here are some hours/weeks to aim for:

Beginner Tri Program– 20-30 min/ week of training 5-6 days/ week. 1-2 of each swim, bike, run, and bodyweight strength

Sprint Triathlon – 5-8 hours per week – 2 swims, 2 bikes, 2 -3 runs/ week, plus 2 total body strength sessions.

Olympic or International Triathlon– 8-12 hours/week- 2-3 swims, 2-3 bikes, 2 -3 runs/ week, plus 2 total body strength sessions.

70.3 / Half Iron Triathlon– 8-13 hours/week – 2-3 swims, 2-3 bikes, 2 -3 runs/ week, plus 2 total body strength sessions.

140.2 / Ironman Triathlon – 10-16 hours/ week – 3-4 swims, 3-4 bikes, 3-5 runs/ week, plus 2 total body strength sessions.

Frequent, shorter training sessions are always better than longer HERO sessions. Your body will adapt to training much better with regular short training sessions week after week with regular rest weeks that have lighter volume.

Longer training sessions must be gradually built up to prevent injury and burnout.

Please trust the process of the progressive training plans that work and communicate if you have questions about volume and or intensity.

If you are not hitting the volume prescribed above, achieving the race day results you desire is difficult! You may need to adjust the race distance you have chosen in order to be successful.

You can not “FAKE” a triathlon. It is a sport that requires discipline and consistency. That is truly why I love it so much. It requires the work in order for you to be successful. There are NO Shortcuts!

The sense of accomplishment across the finish line in a triathlon is a feeling unlike anything else in the world! It’s is life changing.

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