Full Circle Coaching Training Tips: Are you in the Zone?

Are you using Training Zones to guide your training and racing?

If not, you are missing out on vital information to help you achieve your triathlon goals much more quickly.  Most triathletes spend 6-15 hours per week training.  You might as well have some focus and purpose for each and every workout so you can spend less time training, get better results and have a life outside of triathlon as well!  After a 4 to 6 week acclimitization period where you are getting the body used to training 4 to 6 times per week and working on skills in each sport, it is vital to perform some field and or lab tests to discover your training pace, heart rate and power zones.  Without these numbers you are guessing at where you should be spending time getting faster and most likely training in the “Black Hole” where many triathletes spend WAY to much of their time.

The black hole of training is the pace or speed where it feels hard but there is no real purpose to it.  By training in this zone you can only achieve a certain level of fitness.  To be able to get faster and stronger you need to spend time in all training zones in a periodized method to be able to peak for a specific race.  There are a myriad of different methods but picking one and sticking to it is the key.  Then if the results are achieved we know that it worked. If not we go back and look what was missing or needed and adjust and tweak and try again.  Every single athlete is different and it can take a little time to figure out the training zones that need the most work, but it is well worth it.


Swim: Pace tests for different distances (long course & short course), then train the paces specific to race distance with form work and speed work at specific times in the training cycle.
Bike: Lactate threshold field tests and or blood lactate tests, then train the most inefficient zones and zones specific to race distance.
Run: 5k and 10k races for field tests and or VO2 max or Blood Lactate testing, then train the zones specific to race distance.

After getting the results of the tests, we create the zones for training and then the periodized training plan to train certain zones for training blocks or set periods of weeks.  This is where it becomes an art and the better the communication between coach and athlete the better the coach can adjust the workouts and achieve the desired outcome.  This is what the upload function on Training Peaks and the Post Comments box in your workouts is for.  After you perform the work, you upload the results so your coach can analyze and see if you were successful. Then build upon success and keep moving forward.

Next Step:

We retest every 6 to 8 weeks, we tweak and adjust depending on the distance of the “A” race.  One of our motto’s is “Strong Before Long” and “Long is Wrong” even for my Ironman athletes! We prescribe minimalist training and specificity which will get you where you want to be much faster with less overuse injury and more power and strength!

Let us guide and coach you to success… Contact me today by email: info@fullcirclecoaching.com to get started on setting up your zones for training.

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