Rockstar Triathlete Sara Jimenez

Triathlon Rockstar: Sara Jimenez

Coaches Notes:

What a transformation! I am so proud of Sara AKA “ARA”. When we first spoke she was very sad and upset from her lack of energy and terrible experience at her last 70.3. This is not a fun place to be and I can speak abut this from my own experience. Getting burned out in the sport of triathlon is SO common yet not talked about. This is a major problem that can be completely avoided by following my holistic approach to triathlon training.

I’m so happy Ara joined my 16-week Triathlon Transformation Program and transform she did! Read about her journey to faster times in all 3 sports and the added side effects of 15 lb weight loss and tons of energy at 70.3 Victoria.

Way to go Ara – excited to help you qualify for the Boston Marathon Next! Woohooo!!!!!!

What is your age?

What is your profession?:
Architect, Project Manager

Why did you choose FCC to help you on your triathlon/health and wellness journey?
I was looking for a group to train with that would motivate me and hold me accountable to show up and follow through on my training plan. I also was looking for structured weekly training sessions where I could feel comfortable and welcomed.

What was your “A” race for this season?
Victoria 70.3 a few weeks ago.

What are your BIG goals?
Keeping my body healthy while enjoying every phase of my life, training, work and family while training for a 70.3. Waking up with no pain and having energy throughout the day. Qualifying for Boston won’t be too bad either 😋

Tell me about your successes so far!
I successfully completed Victoria 70.3 with lots of energy and really enjoyed the race. My swim was comfortable and the bike and run, super fun!

Overall, I surpassed my own time goals, but most importantly, I enjoyed the experience and fell in love with the sport again.

I have gotten faster on the swim, bike and run. The swim is my biggest struggle and I have better form and I keep continuously improving. 

What were some of your most significant improvements in performance for each of the following?

  • Swim: I feel more comfortable, and I went down from 9:29 / 400 to 8:42 / 400.-
  • Bike: I went from 98 W Normalized power in Acapulco 70.3 to 141 normalized power in Victoria.
  • Run: I went from running 13.47 min/mile in July of 2022 to 10:45 mi/mile in June 2023.
  • Nutrition / Health: Without having a specific goal, I lost 15 pounds from July of 2023 to April of 2023 

Name 2 or 3 things that have made the biggest difference in your journey:

  1. A group of energetic people that helps me keep get and stay motivated.
  2. Simple changes in nutrition and lifestyle have made a huge difference in my weight and energy.

What excites you the most about being involved in triathlon?
Feeling strong and energetic, and seeing progress every day. 

What would you say to another person who was on the fence about joining our training program?
Just try it, the first step is the most difficult one. 

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Erinne Guthrie has been a USA Triathlon Level II Certified Coach since 1999 and Chief Motivating Officer at Full Circle Coaching, LLC since 2010. Creator of Triathlon Transformation. She has been training, racing, and coaching triathletes since 1997. She is also a CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level 3, USMS Master’s Swim Coach, Motivational Speaker, Metabolic Efficiency Specialist, Mom, Mermaid, and much more.

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