How Do You Challenge Yourself to Grow?

How Do You Challenge Yourself to Grow?

For any living thing, growth is life itself.

Humans have an innate need to grow, improve and learn. There’s nothing wrong with it – it’s only natural. It’s one of the 6 Human Needs Tony Robbins says drive us all.

Think about your own desire for growth. Where does it show itself? Does it drive you to good things – only or mostly? Have you come upon any danger signs indicating you’re trying for too much too soon?

Tony says that if you’re always pursuing growth, you’ll avoid boredom and attachment to people or things. You might thrive by pushing boundaries but want to move on too quickly from relationships. He recommends diving deep to master new topics or skills and remembering the importance of emotional and spiritual growth through self-examination and meditation.

I know many people who want to grow so much that they pursue it obsessively, neglecting other aspects of life – other human needs – that will bring them balance, peace, and lasting success.

We can always chase “the next thing” – and never really appreciate what we have.

But if we cling too tightly to what we have, we’re blocking our human nature from growing.

It all comes down to choices and balance. That’s a tricky dance for everyone. It is a core principle of my life and of Full Circle Coaching.

The solution is rooted in the same healthy habits that sustain us all and improve our chances of healthy growth: regular exercise; healthy diets; stress management; quality sleep.

You can’t grow without them.

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