Individual Nutrition & Lifestyle Program

Individual Nutrition & Lifestyle Program
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This is a one-on-one, individual program led by coach Erinne Guthrie with access to an online platform complete with videos and course instruction.

6 Week Course / You can pay in full or we offer a 3-pay option.
Click HERE to access the 3-pay option.

Looking at your daily nutrition and life stresses is an essential step on the road to health and wellness and even more critical if you want to improve your athletic performance.

I recommend an evaluation at least once yearly, as life has its ups and downs, and your nutrition habits can change and lead to issues that negatively affect your wellness. Both energy and sleep quality are good indicators of whether or not you are in balance.

You may think you're feeding yourself properly... but are you?

Are you frustrated with a lack of results? Trying to lose weight but having no success? Want to build muscle but not sure how to do it safely and naturally?

I've put together a nutrition program designed to enhance your whole life. Evaluating and adjusting your current eating habits is the best way to achieve optimal athletic performance.

What's included?

Health Appraisal Questionnaire
7-Day Food / Sleep / Elimination Log
Metabolic Type Test
1-Week Metabolic Type Custom Meal Plan


  • 1 Hour consultation to review the 7-day nutrition/elimination/sleep log and strategic plan for implementation of the meal plan.
  • 1 Hour Follow up
  • A copy of "How to Eat, Move and be Healthy" book
  • If you're local, OPTIONAL: ADD on BONUS - Regularly $250 but for an additional $100 we'll meet at the grocery store for complete education and review about the healthy food at the grocery store of your choice. Text me, to let me know you want to do this so we can schedule the time and day, and we'll send you the invoice.

Got questions? Text me at 786-586-6057 and I will gladly answer them.

Ready to sign up?
Upon processing your payment, you will receive a digital download with a set of nutrition forms that I need you to complete and email back to me.

Read this Testimonial:
I wanted to share that I have implemented several of your suggestions and am working on changing more things, little by little. I have noted huge differences in my training, recovery, sleep quality, race feeling, and overall well-being. Thank you! I look forward to staying in touch with you and appreciate all your shared knowledge and assistance. - Monica B.

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