Dive into Speed: 3 Tips to Amp Up Your Swim Race Performance

Many of you just finished Swim Miami, and maybe you want to get faster for your next open water swim race.

3 Techniques to Improve Your Speed in Your Next Open Water Swim Race

Video analysis
Getting a video of your swimming technique above and below the water is a simple way to get faster. Then, you can correct your technique by doing the drills prescribed by an experienced coach who can identify the areas you need to improve without changing your training! You will go faster if every stroke, kick, and breath is more streamlined. Smooth is fast in swimming. (Please set up a call with me if you want me to analyze your swim stroke virtually! Book a call here)

Speed Work
If you add speed training just 1 day/ week, you can unlock your potential for speed in races. Speed work examples would be: 30 x 25 on :45 seconds; 20 x 50 on 1:15 or 10 x 100 on 2:30.

Practicing speed and technique in the open water
So many swimmers only swim long distances in their open water swim training, but including speed work and technique drills in the open water will help you maintain the speed and technique in the open water where you will be racing!

Bonus Tip
This is probably the most important secret to getting faster in your next swim event. Check it out to access this essential secret that is a priority over all the others.

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