Are you metabolically efficient? And what does that mean anyway?

Metabolic Efficiency is the body’s efficiency of utilizing endogenous stores of carbohydrate and fat at different intensities and durations of exercise AND at rest.  The ultimate goal is to burn more fat, and preserve carbohydrate stores.  At any given moment a person has internal fat stores = 80,000 calories+ (30,000 – 50,000 for lean athletes) and internal carbohydrate stores = 1,200-2,000 calories (size and gender dependent).  Which do you think is a better choice for endurance sports???  FAT!!!!

Why Metabolic Efficiency?

1. It decreases and eliminates risk of gastrointestinal distress (when your body is using your stored fat stores there is less of a need to fuel with sports nutrition during training, unless intensities get higher than zone 3 or longer than 2 hours).

2. Improves nutrient partitioning (save the carbohydrates for later).

3. Improves body weight and composition (potentially burn fat all the time at rest).

4. Improves health markers and chronic disease states (less sugar equals better health).


The test includes being hooked up to a metabolic cart that measures the exchange of O2 and CO2 during a step test on the treadmill or bike (see video of Gaston testing lactate MEP and VO2 Max).  The ratio of these two gases measured at 5 min intervals indicates whether you are burning fat or carbohydrate and this photo is an example of someone with an MEP (metabolic efficiency point).  After the test we modify nutrition and training to shift the crossover point to the right, (meaning faster paces).

From the tests we have already performed this year, I can tell you that some athletes did not even have an MEP and the others were at extremely low intensities.  This is because these individuals are consuming large amount of sugar and refined carbohydrates.  The good news is that you can make changes in nutrition and training to achieve an MEP after as little as 10 days and begin tapping into those fat stores, just as Gaston has in my example in the newsletter!

Are you ready to get tested?

Please contact me today to make your testing appointment and find out if you are metabolically efficient!

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