Where Performance Meets Balance:  If you only train hard all the time, there will be a time where your body will tell you it has had enough. Here is one way I use and recommend to my athletes to ride the wave of working out and working “IN.”

I know, I know many of you are opposed to the thought of having to sit still in silence for any amount of time and I was the same way. Until I found these two resources below that have a short audio section where you listen first followed by a short block of time with calm music. For me this makes all the difference in the world.

I came to meditation through yoga. I have been including yoga in my triathlon training practice ever since I got adrenal fatigue in 2008. With yoga came more of an interest in meditation to help create the balance I had been missing in my life. I can train hard with no problem but I always left out the other side of the coin and I paid for it big time when my body just shut down.

What I also learned is meditation does not have to mean sitting cross legged and chanting OM, although that does work. It really is just focused relaxed attention on one thing with a low heart rate. So for me and what I learned from OSHO (a famous Indian mystic, guru and spiritual teacher) is that it can include running, biking or swimming but just at a very low intensity while staying focused on the activity of the breath or movement, not on how hard we can push it. When other thoughts come in, gently notice them, no need to beat yourself up about it and get back to breathing and moving gently. It takes a little  practice to get good at anything, and mediation is not any different, it is a skill worth practicing.

There are 2 FREE ONLINE Meditation Offers from my two favorite resources for easy to implement mediation audios.  I have the APP on my phone and listen on a midday break or before I start my Day.

https://chopracentermeditation.com/experience  This one is a FREE 21 day meditation challenge. I own several of these programs and I highly recommend the one titled Perfect Health, found below:


This series of meditations really frames how our mind plays such an important part when it comes to our bodies.  If you are recovering from injury or sickness I cannot recommend this meditation enough!

Here is a second Free meditation from the workings of OSHO


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