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Collagen is a protein, and it’s a protein that’s extremely important for the body. It forms the basis of all of the connective tissues, which include the skin, gut lining, hair, nails, bones, joints, cartilage and tendons. That has major implications for the body. The body can produce its own collagen, but around age 25, our natural rate of collagen production begins to decline. This is why age-related issues such as sagging skin, bone inflexibility, joint problems, fine lines and wrinkles begin to manifest in our 30s and beyond.

There are many benefits of collagen such as healthy skin promotion and balanced nutrition for athletic performance. Luckily, it is possible not only to obtain collagen in our diet, but also to support our natural production of collagen by providing our bodies with the amino acids (components of protein) necessary for collagen production. And the key to all of this is to consume more collagen!

  • Beautiful Skin: First and foremost, collagen loss is directly correlated with skin aging. Taking a supplement like Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides can help promote a youthful appearance, helping to support glowing skin.
  • Strong Hair and Nails: The same supplement also helps support healthy, thick hair and strong, fast-growing nails.
  • Healthy Bones and Joints: But the benefits of taking a collagen supplement aren’t skin-deep. In order to stay healthy and fit as you age, you may want to consider some kind of collagen routine that helps to protect your bones and joints. Just like all connective tissues, the bones and joints need collagen to function.
  • Post-Workout Recovery: Without the ability to recover post-workout, it can become difficult to exercise as your collagen production slows. Collagen peptides help support muscle recovery by promoting healthy nitrogen balance, making it a must-have for those trying to maintain a fit, active lifestyle.
  • Gut Health: Collagen contains large amounts of the amino acid glycine, an amino acid that isn’t as prevalent in our modern diets as it used to be. Glycine and glutamine, another amino acid, help promote healthy digestion and support a functional gut lining.
  • Sleep: The glycine content of collagen has also been associated with helping to promote deep, restful sleep, one of the most important aspects of beauty, health and general well-being.
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