Swim Video Analysis

Swim Video Analysis
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1.5 hours, we meet at local 25 yard or meter pool.

Review and perform a total body dynamic warm up and then I will video tape you swimming from all angles above and below the water.

You will have lifetime access to these videos.

We will then review the video right there and incorporate the drills and stretches to help you correct any swimming inefficiency I see and you will swim again to see and feel the difference.
You will be given homework to do to keep improving and invited to a group swim session with my team to see how we incorporate swim form drills into every swim session.
If you are in shape we can also have you do a short swim test in order to create your training zones (but that is only if you are pain free and have a 1000 yard or meter swim base of fitness).
You can come back in 4-6 weeks for a follow up session for $150/ hour to video and retest.
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