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I am loving this new article sent to me by my good friend Dr. Todd Narson, a Sports Chiropractor  on South Beach.

Finally, I am reading something completely different and TRUE regarding what it means to have arch support. This concept is unfortunately so foreign to podiatrists, physical therapists and running store owners who immediately recommend “orthotics” or a certain type of extra bulky, super supportive running shoe that is the exact opposite of what most runner’s need;  STRENGTH in their feet and core.

I applaud Dr. Ray McClanahan for writing this article and for explaining what true arch support is and how what you are actually getting with orthotics and bulky shoes could be hurting you greatly long term.

Here’s a short quote from the article: “Pushing up in the open space of the foot has the significant long- term consequence of weakening of the muscles that span the open space of the arch, which are called the intrinsic muscles of the foot, as well as the numerous muscles in your lower leg which send tendons into their final insertions, many of which are in the ends of the toes.”

If you are a runner and constantly injured, in pain or just looking to get faster, strength is an essential component in your ability to get pain free and perform as a runner. You cannot skip this step without paying for it later.

Here at Full Circle Coaching we include the strength training that is a priority for your feet and entire body to allow you to achieve your running goals. One-on-one video analysis or in group setting is available as well as custom  strength training programs.

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I look forward to hearing from you today and hope this article helps you in some way!
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  • Dr T Posted November 9, 2017 9:38 pm

    Thanks for the mention Coach and yeah, this article really changed the way I think about foot problems from a biomechanical standpoint. Based on this article and some others I’ve completely changed my view on orthotics. My approach piggy packs on many of your training techniques and I put my patients (athletes & non-athletes) through a rehab and strengthening program to help them with fallen arches, plantar fasciitis, Achilles’ tendonitis and tendonosis. Strengthening the intrinsic muscles of the foot and the supportive muscles of the arch (many of which are in your lower leg) is key to overcoming these problems. Now, I will only recommend orthotics for a patient that refuses to dedicate the time to strengthen and rehab their arch and their muscle strength. For them, sure I’ll sell them a pair of expensive orthotics. For the others, a little bit of their time and a little bit of the right training and running pain can be a thing of the past…

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