Many of the swimmers and triathletes I work with in South Florida don’t realize they are slowing themselves down while swimming due to using a scissor style kick instead of using a flutter kick. These are my top three corrective tips to cure your scissor kick. A scissor kick is when your feet drift apart wider than your shoulders while you swim freestyle which creates a ton of drag, as well as impeding your forward movement.

The best flutter kick originates from the hips and stays within shoulder width.

The best way to tell if you have a scissor kick is to get a friend to take a video of you swimming away from the camera; It will be very obvious.
Watch this video example

Top 3 TIPS
z2-zoomer-usage2-yellow-uw-lr1- Fins, use fins for kick sets to help strengthen the ankles.  This is my favorite brand and model (Finis Z2 Gold Zoomers).

The flutter kick should be originating from the hips through an almost straight leg and down to a floppy ankle with slightly pointed foot.

If you are scissor kicking it indicates tight and weak ankles and hips.  Using fins for the following kick drills can help get ride of your scissor kick.
Sample Workout: Kick 100 yards kick with fins, the first 25, kick on your belly, second 25, kick on your side, the third 25 kick on your back and the last 25 kick on the other side.  Watch my video here

Bonus practice; Repeat another 100 yards, all using a Dolphin Kick.

2- Vertical kicking  must have a deep pool
Start with fins and build up to 1 minute of vertical kick time,
Adding rotation
1/4, 1/2 and whip turns
Then, start practicing without fins and get to 1 minute vertical kick time.
Watch my video here

3- Dry land flutter kicking – great for increasing hip and core strength
Lay on your back – palms down tucked under thighs
Chin to chest, head and shoulders off the ground
Lift straight legs off the ground and flutter kick with strong quads and pointed toes for 1 minute. Vary speed of kicking to mix it up and challenge yourself.
Watch my video here

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Coach Erinne

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